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Get Moving With Voom.

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True Wellness for the Workplace

Voom breaks up periods of sitting with physician designed "Work" Outs. Avoid the dangers of sedentary work while stretching, toning, and de-stressing with over 100 exercises. Track and share your activity, collect points and badges, compete with friends, and take part in additional healthy challenges to maximize the benefits of your new healthy work style.

Everyone, Everywhere, All The Time.

Voom is available across multiple platforms and can be used by
individuals or purchased for corporate use.

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What business professionals
are saying about Voom:

This is a fabulous program. I can already see the changes in my physical and mental well-being. I wish we had had this years ago!

M.C., Greenwood Village, Colorado

I am getting better and feeling less pain in an area where I have had chronic pain for many years.

J.S., Kingston, New York

It felt like having a coach come visit me every hour to remind me to get moving!

G.M., Buena Park, California

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